Northeast Ohio Vocal Arts Academy - Professional Training for Singer-Actors
Interested in one of NOVAA's Ensemble Courses?  Please send an email via NOVAA's Enrollment form  on our Home Page.  We will notify you of class times, cost and other details.

Designed to enhance the private lessons and to help students become more audition- and performance-ready, these classes deal with common technical problems in a group setting. NOVA Academy is sensitive to some performers who are not experienced in this particular venue and work them in slowly. These classes are extremely helpful in that we all must deal with the same issues regarding singing no matter how inexperienced or advanced we are. Frequently, realizations about one’s own technique occur at these forums that we would be hard-pressed to recreate in a private lesson.
Ensemble participants should plan to attend every session, as others are depending on the effort of everyone involved. Those who actively participate achieve their goals much faster and enjoy a sense of community with other performers.
Studio is a weekly student encounter to refine performance techniques.  In Studio, all levels of students integrate to learn part-songs, cannons, and a capella harmonies.  Basic coordination, such as standing still, eliminating unconscious body movements, checking progress in memorization and dictions are addressed. Includes introduction to Elements of Interpretation and Stage Movement.
This course is recommended for young singers, church/community choir participants or community theater performers who have not yet held a role. The class helps students perform better in school, church chorus, etc. and prepares them for private lessons in the future. 

Music Theater Techniques is the study of staging principles, music and dialogue, and stage characterizations unique to music-drama performance venues. This course provides an important opportunity for students to cross-train in the fields of Music and Drama, providing a performing experience and training for future productions.

Students participate in Recital to learn how to work with an accompanist, choose repertoire, and address an intimate audience. Repertoire is assigned, and final class is performance in a Recital before a live audience.

NOVAA Recitals enhance performance skills and building confidence. Held at various public venues, including Kent State University’s Ludwig Hall, solos and ensembles are coached with professional accompanists. Stage performance details such as lighting, acoustics, makeup and apparel, and interaction with audiences are addressed. Recitals are recorded so students can review them with teachers and learn how to objectively view their progress.
In NOVAA’s comprehensive workshops, the following aspects of performing are addressed:
  • basic/advanced stage movement
  • vocal projection/placement for venues
  • singing/acting in duets, ensembles
  • character development
  • suspending disbelief
  • dramatic timing and use of silence
  • controlling stage nervousness
  • use of lighting/sound/acoustics
  • makeup, costuming basics
  • photos, resumes
  • selecting/preparing repertoire
  • business basics for performing artists
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